Singapore Development Model: What\\\’s the main key in success?

Early 60`s
The former colony with no territory, illiteracy population, a weak army, absolutely poor soil and a lack of fresh water. Yes, it was Singapore in 1963. Nowadays Singapore is considered as economic marvel. What is the secret?
Firstly, in the interests of people, the Government of Singapore conducted a clever language policy. Language policy is very important because it directly affects the national policy and the national question is the most difficult around the world (only 12 countries are considered to be mono-ethnic). In 1963, the state has three language communities: Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. For stability and order in the country it was needed to create understanding between people. For this, English was set as a common unifying language for all people. The presence of a common language has allowed putting together a nation, besides knowing of English helped Singaporeans to become a competitive workforce in the global market.
Main course
Kuan Yew personally tried to create a good image in the eyes of leading US companies, who posted production in Singapore. In 1970 the company «General Electric» has placed 6 enterprises for the production of various electronic products, where most Singaporeans acquired the work, which they need after the closure of the military base of the United Kingdom. Already by 1997 in Singapore were placed more than 200 companies and total investment was amounted to 19 billion Singapore dollars. And by 2008, GDP per capita was $ 51,649 (for example the United States – $ 46,381). The state did not forget to promote their own entrepreneurs.
With the solution of ethnic and linguistic problems and the creation of economy, the Government of Singapore conducted a competent personnel policy. Singapore has set very high wages for government employee and the judiciary. The reform of the police and the army plus targeted crime prevention allowed to suppress all criminal groups.
This fact has attracted the leading managers from around the world to manage the state. Established mechanism of recruitment the best employee allowed to made patriotic, responsible and highly educated political elite. These people truly work for their country.
In Singapore, there is extremely low level of corruption, which largely has determined Singapore as a comfortable and safe high-tech state.
Singapore was named the easiest place in the world to do business and top logistics hub in the world. These facts have made Lion City one of the best countries in the world for startups. The procedure of opening your own business takes only a few days and starts with getting a visa and work permit. Actually your presence in Singapore is not needed.

Today`s Singapore main economic tendency is export ( electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, mechanical engineering and biomedical sciences sectors). Singapore has one of the world`s best financial centers, casino gambling market, oil-refining and oil-rig centers and ship repair services.

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