The 86th Geneva Motor Show 2016 is on the Horizon

One of the big international motoring events is almost upon us – the Geneva International Motor Show of 2016.

This has long been one of, if not THE, major diary date for petrol heads around the globe. So, what is in store for visitors?

Show Predictions

In the best traditions of this and other events like it, a lot is kept under wraps until the show itself opens.

It’s fairly safe to predict though that there will be the usual glitz and glamour with celebrities and dazzling models hovering for photo opportunities around some of the most prestigious marques. There will be huge numbers of displays, stands, freebies and lots of ancillary entertainment.
Yet the show has a reputation of being the source of some major surprises. What can we anticipate from the cars themselves?

Electric Vehicles

For many years, electric vehicles tended to be hidden away in obscure corners at the major motor shows, as a sort of embarrassing and unwelcome distant relative at a family event – but that has recently all changed.

The seemingly ever-growing demand for green credentials is likely to mean one or two big names and perhaps some smaller innovators pulling a few rabbits out of hats in terms of electrical or hybrid vehicle announcements. This is now a centre-stage area of the motor industry and hopes are high at Geneva of more good news in this domain.

Bespoke Options

Expect to see also a number of manufacturers you might never have heard of before, showing some fantastic ‘Star-Trek’ type vehicles.

Some more established names, such as Spyder, are returning to the show after an absence of some years. This presumably indicates the on-going attractions of this show to manufacturers and the fascinations of this type of vehicle for the public.

Many of these vehicles will be heavily criticised by professionals and public alike, as being indulgent fantasies that are both out of sight financially for anyone other than the super-rich and also totally impractical on the public highway. Even so, those same critics will drool over these fantastic vehicles just like everyone else.

The specialist and high-performance vehicles often get the most press coverage, so expect to see their stands constantly packed out.

The Big Boys

While those sporty ‘lightning-bolt’ vehicles will undoubtedly be the most glamorous, many informed people in the business will be looking eagerly at the big manufacturers to see where they are going.

The major marques have taken some criticism over recent years for failing to be adventurous and innovative enough in their entry and mid-level price brackets. Some critics have said that many of their major manufacturers’ new vehicles recently appear to be simply minor customisations and tweaks to old models that have been around for a long time. They point to the fact that many family vehicles don’t look much different to those of 15-20 years ago.

That criticism has stung some of these household names and it’s to be hoped that they will respond with some surprises.

How To Get There

The 86th Geneva International Motor show runs from the 3-13th of March at the Palexpo Centre.

Geneva airport transfers to the Palexpo Centre are fast and moderately priced. If you are already in town, the TPG (local tram and bus service provider) offers regular services to Palexpo.

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