Cosy Croatian Charm

Mali Losin

Looking for the perfect summer holiday stay but want one in a somewhat unusual location? There are a host of obvious summer holiday destinations offering all the important hallmarks of the quintessential summer stay, but there are still a few undiscovered treats on offer too. If you fancy a break from the norm, consider the stunning stay of Mali Losin – a fantastic little Croation coastal stay, offering an amazing holiday experience. With winter fastentirely behind us it’s certainly time to start looking forward to the summer and the sunnier days fast approaching. Summer holidays are on their merry way and so why not banish those endless winter days in style – by planning what could be your sunny vacation to this pretty and unusual corner of the globe. Mali Losin makes for a fantastic little getaway or holiday no matter what you’re getting away for – offering many a thing to tempt you away.

What to do

No matter what you’re hoping to get up to while you’re away visiting the stunning destination of Mali Losin, there’s sure to be whole variety of things to get up to and to allow you to relax and kick back, making the most of a little downtime. The surrounding scenery and nature is truly breath-taking, with some stunning surrounding mountains and some gorgeous and untouched beaches. This brilliant little Croatian fishing village offers a really great holiday destination, with the idyllic setting and all the hallmarks of any summer break – Mali Losin makes for a truly blissful vacation destination. The town offers a wide variety of fun things to do, with so much to see and discover, from a world of amazing surrounding nature and countryside alongside some great bars, restaurants, cafes and little shops to explore – makes for a truly sensational stay that will offer you so much to delight in no matter what you’re looking to get up to.

Where to stay

If you’re looking for the perfect hotel stays to complement your break, then this stunning location will offer so many amazing places to stay and experience. No matter what sort of hotel you have in mind, from the traditional to the more contemporary the hotels in Mali Losin are of a really high standard. The Hotel Bellevue offers the best location and atmosphere for you stay.

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