Ephesus Turkey: Know the ancient history of Ephesus

Ephesus was very much forgotten by the tourism circles and archaeological panels until a group of archaeologists excavated the terrace houses of the city. Since then, Ephesus got back on the tourism circles and is now a thriving site in Aegean Turkey which people visit with fervor to get a glimpse of the beautiful town that was once inhabited by a flourishing populace of Greek and Rome.

The city was once Greek and its Temple of Artemis which is located close to the present-day district of Selçuk drew people from all over the world. The temple was often included in the grand Wonders of Ancient World and several historians have mentioned the temple as the most beautiful temple/structure they ever saw. But Ephesus went through a turbulent period and faced several assaults and was finally transformed into a roman city in 133 BC. The city flourished further with Augustus making it the Asia Minor capital. As Ephesus turned into a seaport city, more people settled down here and the festival of Artemis became among the biggest festivals of the world. If historical records are to be believed then the festival went on for almost a month! Vacation to Ephesus Turkey are largely sought after due to the amazing historical culture of the place as Turkey is where one can find a mélange of monument beauty with roots in different cultures and religions.

Some Christian settlers also came to the city and one of them was the revered St. Paul who is said to have written his gospel while in the city. Some say that Mother Mary came with him as Jesus was being persecuted. The city has some biblical sites located nearby and Christians as well as Muslims visit those sites along with the Isa Bey Mosque which was constructed quite long after the city faced destruction. Vacation to Ephesus Turkey is often planned by tourists for the biblical sites which include the burial site of St. Paul which was once believed to have given out healing dust. Other sites include the house where Mother Mary lived and the Cave of the seven sleepers.

Numerous accounts of the young seven men who hid in the cave to avoid pagan worshipping ruler Decius are available through religious sources. It is said that the young men woke up from sleep from the caves and were surprised when they found that Christianity was now followed in the city. The city itself is a wonderful amalgamation of amazing structures that leave a lot to the imagination since much them are downtrodden but still extravagant. The structures have seen natural and manmade destruction over the years as the Temple of Artemis was extensively destroyed by the nihilist tribe Goths in the 4-5th BC.

Ephesus saw much prosperity in the 1st-2nd century and become among the top Roman cities of the world. In fact, some sources say that the city thrived so well ad was so prominent on the cultural map then that it was considered second to none but Rome! Now, home to the recently found Terrace Houses and several roman and Greek temples like the Temple of Hadrian, the Square of Domitian, Ephesus still holds its glory.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Car From A Taxi Booking Company

At any point in life, we\’ve all faced situations like stucking at the train station or airport late at night or trying to get home from a show or restaurant and not any transport medium in sight. Fortunately, there are many methods that can be adopted in such cases including hiring a taxi. If you have Internet access, you can easily book a taxi in Gatwick. You can also call on their number so that they can come to the desired location. The driver will reach the given address in a short time to pick you up.

In London, plenty of well established taxis booking companies are there, offering reasonable yet excellent personal service. They have been offering services in train stations, airports like Gatwick, Heathrow, London City, Stansted & Luton, and other areas of UK. Call the service providers to have a smooth traveling experience.

Browse the web to get the details of the well known Gatwick taxis companies. Do not forget to read the reviews of the people to know their traveling experience. Some of the service providers have been working for over decades and have built the confidence of their esteem customers by delivering outstanding services. With extensive number of taxi booking companies in UK, there has been a tough competition between different service providers. So, in order to allure the customers, the professionals are offering competitive prices. They are also delivering a surpassing service where drivers turn up ahead of time, dressed sprucely, well-mannered and gracious.

To make easy booking, these companies provide a rapid and simple booking process, accomplished with an acknowledgment and a PDF document containing all the travel details of the passengers. You can even make the payment on a card at no extra charge, and thus, you do not have to take any extra cash with you while traveling. They also give free child seats so that your kids can sit comfortably and are safe.

The taxi driver\’s dispatchers keep them abreast of traffic jams and road closures so that they can take some other route to your intended destination. They have license and thus, there is no doubt regarding your safety. Using a taxi can relieve you of the concern of handling the potential obstacles, especially in a new place.

The taxi cab give space to the individuals, and thus, you can easily make phone calls, jot down notes, and use your netbook without worrying about somebody looking over your shoulder. Taxis provide convenience to the people by cutting down the parking problem and door-to-door commute time. Also, you have flexibility in travel route, which is impossible in a public transport, following pre-planned lines that may not fit exactly with your destination. Relying on taxicabs can obviate maintenance, insurance, gasoline, and parking costs from your monthly budget. So, visit different websites to check the details of the company. Make sure you hire a well known taxi where your safety is the prime concern of the service provider. Have a trouble-free journey in London with their effective services.

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Summer Europe Itinerary that you should not miss

It seems that Europe is the hot ticket for traveler, and undoubtedly with innumerable places to visit and experience adventure on single continent, Europe is the one for memory banks and will surely be a memorable trip that you talk about years to come. However, you might be pondering about how to start your Europe trip and from where? Should you visit Europe countries or pack in different culture in a small circumference sticking to only a few nations? Here is the best Europe itinerary:

Coastal: Portugal & Spain

Do you want to spend your time in coastal towns and colorful capitals within your budget? I’d rather suggest you to spend your holiday at Portugal & Spain, these two vivacious countries have much to offer you for 2 week summer itinerary.

Kick things off in Lisbon having sightseeing of terracotta rooftops, heading towards Sintra & Cascais for getting out-of-the-city getaway. Another place where you explore yourself is the Algarve, the best summer destination. Do not stop exploration, here you can find Lagos, Faro ad spend some lazy time on beaches.

From there, you can head Seville, a stunning city of Spain. Here you can either travel by road alongside the sleepy seaside town of Alicante via Granada, or catch a flight through to Alicante. Here you will experience entirely different scene + naturel beauty altogether. When you are heading to Barcelona be prepared for astounding Gaudi architecture, sumptuous food (try a tapas tour) and a desirable beachside location.

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Discover More of Bordeaux on French Canal Holidays

One of the best ways to see France is on one of the many wonderful French canal holidays. What could be more relaxing than gently making your way through stunning countryside and fabulous wine country, passing charming local towns and villages and seeing parts of France you would never see by road? Bordeaux is an area of outstanding natural beauty and there are many French canal holidays along the Canal du Garonne that offer the perfect way to indulge in the best of what the region has to offer. The harmonious combination of historic towns, famous vineyards and interesting geography is what makes these French canal holidays some of the best.

The Geography of Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux, which is the capital of the Aquitaine Region, sits on the River Garonne, which is very important commercially, as it is wide enough to accommodate large ships, which dock at the city port. The Garonne and the Dordogne rivers become one here and flow into the Atlantic along the Gironde Estuary.

Bordeaux is the seat of administration of the Gironde department, which is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Landes, Lot et Garonne, Dordogne and Charente-Maritime to the north, south and east. The Gironde department is the largest in France covering 10,000 square kilometres.

Flora and Fauna

The Gironde Estuary is famous for its wildlife that ranges from migrating birds to marine species to small mammals. The estuary covers 625 square kilometres and in places it stretches up to 11 km across. The main fish species to be found in the estuary are the Flounder, Mullet, Sea Trout and Salmon, although Eels and both Sea and River Lampreys are also common. Unfortunately, because of over fishing, the once healthy population of Sturgeon that produced the local caviar has now diminished.

Spirited Springtime

Springtime sees the estuary alive with activity. Migratory birds pass through and any avid bird watcher will delight in the huge number of different species. Spoonbills, Storks and Ospreys are regular visitors joining the permanent residents, which include Black Redstarts, Swallows, Lapwings, Stilts, Ringed Plovers, Herons, Egrets and many more.

The flora in this region is diverse but some of the most remarkable species are found under the water. Different sponges, such as the Yellow Boring Sponge, the Elephant Ear Sponge and Anemones are frequently seen, and along the riverbanks wild orchids dance among the reeds. Most of the forests here are pine and alder.


The landscape of this region, because of its size, varies hugely. The northern area is flat and home to many vineyards that some may consider a little uninteresting. The endless vines, however, are broken up by the majestic chateaux that hold the attention of visitors.

The Gironde Estuary is wildly beautiful, of course, but its beauty is marred in places by the industry in the area. For a complete contrast, head to the Entre-Deux-Mers area, which is classically pretty. Ruined abbeys and charming villages perched high on hilltops set the scene here. Explore on foot or by bike and you won’t be disappointed.

If you are on one of the many French canal holidays in the region, you won’t see every bit of the department, but established companies who specialise in barge cruises in France will be able to make recommendations on the most picturesque routes.

Paul Newman is the Marketing and E-Systems Executive for European Waterways, the UK\’s most respected provider of all-inclusive, luxury French canal holidays. Part of a team of experienced barging aficionados, Paul is first in line to endorse the perks of a slow-paced barge cruise to anyone looking for a unique holiday experience.

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Norway- An Idyllic Destination For Remarkable Holidays

One needs no reason to move out for exploring the attractions of an unvisited place on a holiday. A bit of planning and you are all ready to get some colorful moments of your life. Certainly, a vacation makes everything refreshing and revitalizes your everyday life to start with a fresh routine. And when you have so much of options to visit and to discover, it should hardly matter that how long you are going to have your holidays.

Well, there are many places which welcome their visitors through their incredible landscapes, enchanting ambience and mesmerizing vistas. Apart from these, one also comes across various traditions and cultures followed through ages. If you have been looking for one location then Norway could serve the purpose in this regards. The popular hub of fjords, flam rides and the glacier walks, Norway has been attracting globe trotters and travel enthusiasts from all over the world through past many years.

Explore the place either from a car, bike, skis or a boat; you are sure to like every bit of your leisure time. Fortunately, there are various eye catching spots in this country that would keep you engaged all the time long. Take a look to few of them which include-Setesdalen Valley- Southern Norway seems to be most enthralling from the wooded hilly valley of Tovdal to the village of Araksbo. Some of the attractive areas of this place are the waterfall Rjukan, Stuvestoyl, Videstoyl, Skuggefjell mountain and the Juvass stream. Additionally, you also could hire canoes while being at Hillestad.

Velmunden- Having mentioned about canoeing, you could have more enjoyment at Lake Velmunden which is located right between the Lake Randsfjord and Lake Sperille. It has extensive canoeing routes to discover. Further, if you are interested in historical monuments and architecture then don’t forget to visit the old Finnish Settlements.

Femundsmarka- If you have been captivated with the vivaciousness of Velmunden then expect more to explore at Femundsmarka. Step into some high mountain biotopes of Scandinavia with the National Park Femundsmarka, Gutulia and Tofsingdalen and you would thus come to know the preciousness of the place.

Sognefjord- Excited about mountaineering? Then let your adrenaline pump at Turtagro which is one of the hiking centers along with Lustrafjord with the Hurrungane mountains. All of these mountains stand high behind the Jostadalsbreen glacier. While being at Lustrafjord you would also find the oldest stave Church Urnes of Norway.

Traveling to Norway might be an endless session once you are at this place. All of the corners of this country have something best to offer. In addition, you could also well organize your trip with the selectable Norway tour packages from the tour operators for an unforgettable excursion.

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Puri Jagannath temple in Odisha – A religious incarnation

Culture is an asset that has been deep rooted in the minds and hearts of the people in India. Right from the infant stage of a person’s life he or she is inflicted with the knowledge of following the path of religion. It is not always that people visit temples or other holy places to demonstrate their love for religion or religious aspects. But there are certain religious places that not just act as religious icons but are also tourist spots that are visited by thousands of visitors from all across the globe. The Jagannath temple in the Indian state of Odisha is definitely one such place that has broken from the chains of its geographic boundaries. This temple has become one of the most renowned religious places in the world.

Religious and historical importance

Known to have been constructed in the 12th century, the Puri Jagannath temple in Odisha has been the most important religious place for people of the Hindu religion. It is one of the oldest places that is known to have carried out the custom of worshipping the statue of a god made out of wood. This is a custom that has broken out of the religious chains of worshipping gods and goddesses made out of metal and stone. As per the religious ethics of the Hindus, The Jagannath temple is considered to be one of the prime destinations of the Char dham tour that is carried out by the Hindus. This place has been attracting several pilgrims and tourists from all around the globe due to the most vivid and amazing rituals that are carried out here. One of the most peculiar things about this temple is that the wooden figures of the gods are replaced at an interval of about twelve years. It is then that new figures are carved out of a tree and exact replicas of the figures are made.

Relaxation of mind and body as a whole

Located on the Eastern side of the Indian coast, the Puri Jagannath temple in Odisha has been acting as a great tourist spot as well. Apart from a visit to the magnificent temple, you are generally welcomed by the roaring waves of the Bay of Bengal. The coastline adjacent to the temple is one that can allure tourists to have an experience of the breath-taking coastal life that prevails there. It is a mixture of religion and nature that gives the place a complete divine touch. This is primarily one of the main reasons that help in the relaxation of both mind and body when you pay a visit there.

Religion does in every way form a very vital part of all cultures irrespective of the geographical boundaries that surround it. Irrespective of the country and its geographic diversities, you shall find a place of religious importance that does allure people in its own unique way. There are some that may just have religious significance, while there are some that might be tourist attractions as well.

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A trip to Birmingham, England with Ron Virmani

When you think of visiting England, the image you probably conjure up an image in your head may not include Birmingham. So perhaps it may come as a surprise to discover that the country\’s second largest city is actually one of the most popular and fastest growing travel destinations in Europe. I took a short break there in the company of Ron Virmani recently, and we were surprised and impressed by what we found.

Birmingham has its own international airport with a train station attached, so reaching downtown Birmingham – or \”the city center\” as the Brits would call it – is very easy. It was fun to mingle with the locals, known here as \”Brummies\”, from the get-go – you may find their accent a little tricky to understand at first, but like most places, if you take some time to get to know them you\’ll be well rewarded.

The heart of Birmingham has been completely redeveloped in the last few years, and it now seems much more like a major international city than it did when Ron Virmani first came here a few years back. We started off with some shopping since the Bullring mall is packed with major name stores. There\’s even a branch of Selfridge & Co., the storied London department store, and it\’s a great place to find souvenirs.

After we\’d checked in at our hotel, we went the short distance to Broad Street to experience some of Birmingham\’s great nightlife. This is the major party district in the city, and it\’s not a quiet place – but it\’s safe and welcoming as long as you take the usual precautions. Ron Virmani, being the sort of guy he is, just walked up to club-goers and started chatting. I don\’t know how he does it sometimes!

The next morning, we explored some of Birmingham\’s canal district – amazing as it sounds, this city has more miles of canals than Venice! As well as the colorful boats, inviting restaurants, and interesting boutiques, there\’s a fantastic Sea Life Center close by. I couldn\’t help being a little crept out by the sharks and rays. You\’ve guessed it: Ron Virmani took it all in his stride and was totally cool the whole time.

The weather was still pretty nice – our trip gave the lie to the idea that it always rains in England – so we took a stroll to the Thinktank, an awesome science history museum. It\’s maybe a little more aimed at kids than adults, but we still loved it. I guess we\’re just big kids! In Victorian times, this city was known everywhere as the \”city of a thousand trades\” and it\’s still very proud of that heritage today.

Our time in Birmingham was coming to an end now, and I realized how sad I was to be leaving this vibrant, exciting city. It\’s fair to say that Ron Virmani also shared this view, telling me that he felt he was already becoming a \”Brummie\” at heart! There\’s still so much left to see: the hoard of Saxon gold in the city museum, the amazing Symphony Hall concert venue, the Town Hall where Charles Dickens once performed, and so much more.

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Abu Dhabi – Yas Mall Reaches Up to Twenty Million Tourists Mark

Yas Mall is one of the most visiting destinations of Abu Dhabi which offers the opportunities to do shopping, have fun with entertaining programs and dining at desired place. The Yas Mall is located at the hub of Yas Island which is consisted of various other iconic projects including Yas Marina Circuit, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Links, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi and seven star hotels. Aldar Properties, an Abu Dhabi-based company has announced that since the launching ceremony of Yas Mall in November, 2014, the owners of the shopping mall have welcomed almost twenty million people until 2014 and around eighteen million people have visited in 2015.

In the very first year of the launching of Yas Mall, it has proven that it is the only landscape which has brought all the world class products and different brands under one platform. It attracts the people not only the Gulf residents but also the rest of the world. In fact, most of the tourists of Dubai who come to see the adventure places including Burj al Khalifa, Desert Safari Dubai, Burj al Arab, Scuba diving Dubai, Wadi Adventure and many others now move to see the exploration of Abu Dhabi.

The Chief Executive Officer at Aldar Properties PJSC, Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak has cited, “I am very pleased with the growth in visitor numbers we have witnessed at Yas Mall in 2015. The addition of new flagship stores like Apple and Tryano at the end of last year complimented our existing offerings that include one of the world\’s largest Debenhams stores; Boutique 1; the world\’s first UEFA Champions League Experience; House of Fraser; and the Capital\’s largest VOX Cinemas with 4Dx technology. By the end of 2015, 96% of our tenants were trading, so now that Yas Mall is fully operational, and based on the very positive feedback we are receiving from our customers, we expect to welcome even more visitors over the next twelve months.”
With the opening of the Yas Mall, it has provided more than twenty millionof visitors since November, 2014 to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.


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Holiday to Vietnam for Family Escape

Vietnam is a wonderful and enriching experience as you discover cultures and traditions along with nature exploration, a friendly Vietnamese culture, historical sites as well as places and destinations that will make a wonderful destination for a luxury holiday to Vietnam.
Vietnam has a very colorful nature and evidence that is the main reason to attract travelers from all over the world to come for a unique and once in a lifetime experience, some travelers combine Vietnam with other destination such as Cambodia and or Laos or go further to add Myanmar and Thailand to discover the Indochina puzzle, these destinations have been long in the bucket list of any traveler.
Many families who have not travel to Vietnam before are wondering about the best places to visit in order to enjoy a pure holiday for all the family members, in Vietnam there are a long stretch of coastlines, bustling cities and scenic Delta and wonderful Halong Bay tours to enjoy a truly memorable luxury holiday, however there are major cities such as Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City that are the main spots for travelers either traveling with family or solo.
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the must travel destination in Vietnam, the reason is simple and because there are frequent flights directly from Europe and also when you land to one of these destinations you will have a wider option to get your tour started, for example from Ho Chi Minh City, you will be able to take a trip to Mekong Delta as well as some well known beach holidays such as Vung Tau, Phu Quoc and Nha Trang. In the other hand and from Hanoi, there will be many tour options such as luxury Halong Bay tours which should be departing from Hanoi, Sapa is the other destination as well as many other day trips and excursions.
All inclusive luxury holiday to Vietnam and Indochina
With an all inclusive holiday to Vietnam you can enjoy all the luxury of the country’s best resorts at an affordable price tag per person. Vietnam represents more than 2000 KM coastline and the beaches in Vietnam are one of the best in whole Asia, travelers opt for either Vietnam and or Cambodia or Thailand to have a combination of a great beach holiday, an all inclusive holiday and vacation package will give you more options to choose from, visa on arrival is included, hotels with full board services and authentic foods on board the Halong bay cruise, all you need to do is to book your flight as soon as you plan your vacation and come to Vietnam, seat back and enjoy your quality vacation.

Luxury Travel Vietnam, LTD: a worry free holiday to Vietnam

Expert luxury holiday tour operator within Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand, we help you plan your luxury holiday to Vietnam the way suit your interest and exact wishes in mind, learn more at: http://www.luxurytravelvietnam.com

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Honolulu, Hawaii: Island Dreams

I smelled the ocean as soon as I walked outside the airport. The crisp clean salt air immediately put me at ease. I was already dreading the day I had to return home. Ron Virmani, my longtime friend started over to the baggage claim as I snapped out my island trance. We had been planning this trip for months.

While there are some standard things to try when visiting Honolulu, we found out that it is well worth putting the effort into some behind the scenes activities. A surf lesson was the first order of business after an early morning breakfast on the terrace. While lacking in talent, we felt it was still well worth our time. Slow down and talk to people, our surf instructor was a native to the island and full of great stories. The same went for our catamaran tour leader. I didn’t expect to view sea life so effortlessly. On our first of two rides, we saw a whale.

There were also submarine rides available aimed at viewing reef habitats. The Dole pineapple plantation is beautiful and offers some great photo opportunities. Ron Virmani still hasn’t forgiven me for sharing the picture of him with his face in a pineapple. Get out on the ocean, eat some fresh fruit and Mahi-Mahi, and make conversation with the local people.

After the standard tourist trip to Diamond Head volcano one afternoon, Ron Virmani and I searched up some local parks and other activities that were not as well known to visitors. This idea brought us some great adventures. We visited a local grocery store and marveled at all the differences in food options, and ate at a well-known fast food restaurant that had some very different menu items then back home. One park we visited had tame peacocks that ate out of our hands while an off the path hike led to some beautiful waterfalls. Thankfully, we had some knowledgeable new friends with us to show us around and help us stay safe during these adventures. Some of the most interesting experiences were those that seemed like everyday outings.

Ron Virmani and I reluctantly returned to the airport after a week in paradise. We were adorned with lei’s made of local plumeria flowers and jewelry made out of sea shells. Pineapples don’t taste quite the same at home anymore after tasting them fresh from the plantation, and we haven’t seen a whale since, but the memories are spectacular.

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